Tarai Function Music

May 2, 2013 by aike


Tarai Function Music is an approach of algorithmic composition based on tarai function. It automatically generates a complex and very long music from a simple formula.


The following is an implementation of tarai function music written in JavaScript. [source code]

Tarai(, , )
function call count: 0

Tarai function

Tarai function is a recursive function devised by Ikuo Takeuchi in 1978. This function processes so many recursion function calls. So it is often used as a programming language benchmarking.

Mapping arguments to music notes

I tried to assign the function's arguments to music notes. For example, the minimum argument value (-1) converts to D, next value (0) converts to E, ... Thus the three arguments are assigned to the triad of D Dorian mode .

Next, the triad chord notes are mapped arpeggio sequence pattern, like this.

In this way, It generates arpeggio notes in every recursion function call.


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